Friday, April 07, 2006

100 runners, 99 paid

I read earlier this week that Luton paid 18 runners in a 100 runner field. Many supported this by stating that lots of players had to return for the second day and that they deserved something. Perhaps this is true, I know it sucks to play for 8 or 9 hours and get nothing. To come back the next day and face maybe 3 or 4 more hours and STILL get nothing is a real slap in the face.

But... and there has to be a "but"... isn't that part of poker? Part of what makes it a tough game, a rewarding game, a game that makes you tear your hair out and a game that makes you smile for a week? It seems the poker rooms are trying to keep everybody happy, credit to them, but this is an impossible task.

I'm of the view that 10% of fields are paid (rounded up/down to the nearest 10 runners), no more, no less. Why this cannot be a standard rule everywhere, I do not know. Bubble deals should be banned. Simply because a bubble deal moves the bubble further down the field, it does not eliminate the bubble, it just passes it on to some other poor sod.

That said, I'm off to Broadway Casino tonight for their £250 dc freezeout. Their payout structure? Over 100 runners = 20 paid! 16th - 20th getting their money back.

I won't complain, of course, if I go out in 20th but c'mon guys! It's not funny anymore. Can we get back to proper poker, where the final table(s) are paid and not half the field? Is it any wonder the Americans and Scandies crush us at poker? We're turning into a nation of soft players, more concerned about getting a few quid back than looking at the bigger picture.

One thing is for sure. If I make the final here, there will not be a deal.

Have a good weekend.


Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

10% should get paid out and no deals!

12:28 AM  

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