Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Brighton bubble

To follow on neatly from the 'Horse bubble' post, I conveniently bubbled in Brighton too. With 12 paid I managed to go out in 14th. I have put up a full report on my website - link on the left.

My guard slipped, I lost my aggression and it cost me at least £250 in winnings (12th), maybe 6 grand (1st). Who knows? One thing is for sure, I've chewed the tournament over in my head ever since Saturday night and when I get to Lithuania later this week, I will not give an inch, I will pressure everyone I feel I can. I'm going to Vilnius to win this tournament, anything less will not be satisfactory.

As is the norm, after a festival event, I ran over everybody online. I'm trying to turn a small-ish $400 deposit into $4,000. So far I'm up to $2,600 after 4 days of play. Most of this came yesterday. As I was running very hot, I took a crack at a $300 heads-up game, beating some chancer called DPommo with T,4 (second pair) after he committed with AK (A high) on the turn of a scary flushy board. (Just joking Mr Pomroy)

It's been a so-so Easter at Chateau Moves. Had I cashed in Brighton it would of been a great weekend. I had three sports bets with two winning, the third losing out due to poor goal kicking by the rugby league team I backed. Online poker has been very kind to me. Over the 4 day long weekend I am well ahead money wise. I guess I'm just greedy, there is no such thing as "enough".

I do feel my tournament game is very good right now but not as fearless as it was in mid-2005. Players have improved, in general, in the last 12 months. The first time I played live poker I could not believe how poor players were, I felt I could make serious money by taking them on regulary. I must step up my game now and rediscover that feeling.

My goal for the rest of 2006 is to cash in the WSOP and win another Euro ranking event. I don't think I'm too far away from achieving those.


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