Monday, April 10, 2006

Horse bubble

I took part of the Roy "the boy" Brindley invitational last night on Ladbrokes.

It was a mix of sports people, celebs and journalists. 52 runners in all, 12 paid (with lumps for charidee). The first two won satellite entries to the Poker Million. 3rd and 4th a $1,000 share in a race horse.

Naturally, I was 5th. It was a nice event though, lots of chat with the odd stupid railbird. You can read more about it at UK Poker News

I've had a pretty steady week all in all. I played like a complete muppet at Broadway in the £250 dc freezeout. Online made up for that though with a couple of K from various sources.

I'm working hard on my tournament game, analysing everything post-event, I want to get to Vegas in July and feel like I'm playing the best poker of my life. I have the cash games cracked. I can play X amount of hours and know over the course of a year I will have X amount of profit. I accept the losses, which simply have to occur from time to time, because I know I am a long term profitable cash game player. I'm not satisfied with that.

My tournament record is not as impressive. In 2005 I made a profit from B&M and online tournaments. In 2006 I am behind in B&M and only a recent spate of results on Poker Stars have put me very slightly ahead online. So, until Vegas I will be playing every MTT or B&M tournament that time and bank roll will allow.

Tonight I'll start with the $55 PLO on Party. I really hate this platform but the Omaha players are terrible.


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