Monday, May 08, 2006

Sorry, it's been a while...

...since the last update.

I haven't had a great deal to write about on the poker front. I haven't really played a great deal either. Until, that is, this last weekend.

I had a pretty lengthy session on Cryptologic which finished in me hitting a straight flush and getting paid from a guy holding a flopped set. I had the flush on the flop, it got better from there with the SF on the turn. It was one of those moments where you pray the board won't pair! That gave me a healthy profit for my efforts on Saturday.

On Sunday, after watching Top Gear - one of the few TV shows I like to watch, I had a crack at the $1,000,000 guaranteed on Stars. 5200 played with 750 paid. Good match practise, you might say, for the WSOP main event. For the first 2 1/2 hrs I was running pretty well. I had double the average and never really felt any pressure to gamble any chips. After midnight the deck turned against me. I was 220th when player 750 went out. It was good to cash in such a big event. Cards and position made it impossible to play without gambling from here on in. At 2am I was out in 260th. An $830 pay day. I really felt that even if I saw the occasional hand I would progress much deeper. They just never came, my stats read 11% of hands played.

If I finish in 260th in Vegas, you can expect a very happy bunny.

Next stop on the B&M tour is Barcelona on May 20th. €1000 buy-in. Hope I can take some tournament form into it.


Blogger razboynik said...

Hey dude !
Congrats on the result !
It's no mean feat going deep in that tourney.

2:50 AM  

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